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MB-SR50 Skylight window

A skylight window is a part of the MB-SR50 system, and is intended for roof mounting at the inclination angle from 10° to 70° in relation to the horizon, and may be used for making the ventilation hatches.

The supporting aluminium profiles applied in the skylight windows are composed of the three-chamber sections, insulated with polyamide strips, which ensure proper strength, thermal insulation and rigidity.

The aluminium profiles are shaped in such a way as to ensure the window cross-section as compact as possible, so that the window does not protrude significantly beyond the roof surface.

The skylight window is equipped with an effective drainage-ventilation system connected with the MB-SR50 mullion-transom wall system. The cover bead creates the eaves for rainwater from the outside, and from the inside it is maximally close to the glass panel in order to facilitate the water run-off. Additionally, from the inside, the window is equipped with a special aluminium grove intended for collecting the water from the internal side of the window panel.

In order to ensure high tightness against rainfall, the latest generation EPDM cell gasket is used. The hinges are hidden inside the profiles, owing to which they are not exposed to the influence of atmospheric conditions, what significantly extends their durability.

This window is adjustable to a wide range of closing/locking systems used in the market. These are both mandrel and the chain mechanisms.
The maximum permitted width for this window is equal to 1.50 m, and the maximum height is 2.00 m. The maximum glass surface area cannot exceed 2.10 m2.

It is possible to apply the sets of glass panels of the thickness from 10 to 32 mm.

The window weight is restricted by technical parameters of the applied opening mechanism and cannot exceed 100 kg.