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Extrabond – Ventilated Facade System

EXTRABOND ventilated façade is used to make internal and external cladding in new and/or modernized buildings to give them a modern and aesthetic appearance. EXTRABOND are highly resistant to weather conditions, UV, corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, the system has properties that reduce noise and allows to limit heat loss.

Extrabond panels are available in wide range of colors. Among the panels available:

  • EXTRABOND which are characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions
  • EXTRABOND FR are additionally characterized by a higher fire resistance – class B-s1, d0 – material that prevents the spreading of fire, NRO classification.
Depending on to the dimensions of the panels or on the type of the cladding, EXTRABOND ventilated facades family can be divided into three types:
  • Extrabond Horizontal (EBH) – type of ventilated façade designed for aluminium composite panels in horizontal orientation,
  • Extrabond Vertical (EBV) – pannels in vertical orientation,
  • Extrabond T (EBT) – adapted for mounting fiber-cement pannels of most manufacturers.


EXTRABOND – a perfect solution for those who look for a system that combines technical parameters with aesthetic requirements.

Functionality and aesthetics:

  • composite panel with a thickness of 4 mm, sheet metal panel of a thickness of 0.5 mm (alloy AW-3005)
  • high resistance to weather conditions, UV, corrosion, abrasion and graffiti
  • high durability thanks to the robust, light and rigid materials – 20 year warranty
  • easy and quick installation, ease of shaping
  • rich colors and highly esthetical panels with a totally smooth surface
  • fire resistance, sound-proofing and high impact resistance
  • low heat and noise transfer coefficient
  • this product is environmentally friendly (made from non-hazardous materials, 100% recyclable)